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by Vault Education Editors | June 27, 2011

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Successful GMAT prep is not just about studying hard, but studying smart, according to GMAT Pill’s Zeke Hill.

Realize it's not about how many thousands of practice questions you do or how fancy your prep program is; it's about how efficiently and effectively you think. It's about an efficient thought process under time-pressure conditions. The best way to learn is to watch an expert show you exactly what is going on inside his mind when confronted with a GMAT question and then mimic that thought process yourself. … Through visualization, your mind will automatically replicate the professionals' techniques.

Also, every time you do a practice problem, visualize yourself sitting in that exam room. Imagine that the practice problem you are about to do is actually a real exam question you are about to answer. By adjusting the psychological state of your mind, you can prepare yourself better for the mental pressures of the actual exam day.

Over at Businessweek, instructors at ten test prep companies each give tips on GMAT test-taking strategy.  



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