Give Me Your Resume so a Consultant Can Tell You What's Wron

by Vault Education Editors | December 13, 2010

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Can I have your résumé? I want your résumé. Give me your résumé. I just need a few: bad ones, worse ones, nearly-almost-there ones--just hand them over. Young professionals, I'm looking at you.

I'd like to pass them on to an expert, someone who'll give your homely résumé the long-overdue makeover it didn't even know it needed, or wanted. We'll choose a few for inspection and correction, and afterwards, they'll be proudly displayed on this site for your fellow résumé-ically challenged to behold and imitate.           

Don't worry, everything will be discreet. Your name and other identifying details will of course be altered to something like Joe Consultant or Sally Accountexecutive or some such. And just to be clear: 1.) there is no charge, and 2.) this is a solicitation.  

Please send résumés to

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